Call Us: 301-605- 4411

Call Us: 301-605- 4411

Call Us:301 -605- 2924


Call Us: 301-605- 4411

About Us

The aim of Providence Staffing Agency (PSA), is to provide personalized, nurturing and attentive care to seniors  in the comfort of their homes, day services programs and group homes. We realize that most seniors have a desire  to maintain their independence and dignity during their golden years. This is why we consistently provide mindful services targeted at satisfying these needs. 

Our compassionate, highly skilled and professional staff provide full time services and temporary services consistently while focusing on their needs. The provision of exceptional service guides our decision making processes and actions. As a result, we work together in the creation of tailored services that provides comfort and peace of mind in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Also, we believe in providing comprehensive information to our clients during consultations and going the extra mile. These measures are taken in our bid to fulfill expectations. 

A key operational procedure of ours is to brief caregivers while providing them with an opportunity to consult with board-certified nurse practitioners along with physician's of seniors prior to working with them.  This step ensures that informed, mindful and personalized care is provided continuously. Providence Staffing Agency is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

To schedule an appointment, please call: (301) -605 - 2924