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Call Us: 301-605- 4411

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We understand the peace of mind that seniors experience when their expectations are met. This is why we strive to offer professional, nurturing and tailored services to seniors in our bid to ease the challenges they often face in their golden years. 

Description of Services Provided:

Hygiene and Grooming Services

Through careful bathing and grooming of seniors by our caregivers, seniors attain a brighter outlook on life. Their sense of confidence about their appearance and general attitude may stem from the benefits derived from taking regular baths. Some of these benefits include reduction of muscle tension, increased blood circulation and strengthening of the immune system.


Our caregivers hold conversations with seniors, read to them and provide social contact aimed at enhancing their quality of life. Laughter and joy through companionship often provides seniors with a positive outlook.

 Laundry Services

 We provide laundry services based on the preferences of clients. The laundry of clients is carried out either in their homes or at a laundry facility. Clothing is washed, folded, pressed and stored based on instructions from clients.

 Meal Preparation
 Some seniors may not be in the position to prepare meals due to health challenges. Our caregivers ensure that seniors maintain optimum health through the preparation of nutritious meals. Meals are prepared according to the specifications of seniors as a way of engaging them in the process. Also, seniors desiring to cook alongside caregivers are equally embraced.  

Mild-Moderate Housekeeping

Our caregivers can assist in the maintenance of the homes of seniors by carrying out tasks such as  vacuuming, dusting, sweeping and mopping of floors. They also provide bathroom and kitchen cleaning services. We realize that some seniors enjoy assisting with these tasks and encourage them to do so if their health permits. These seniors derive a sense of accomplishment and joy from the feeling of being needed and useful. Realizing the positive psychological effect obtained by seniors desiring to contribute to the cleaning process, our caregivers happily embrace their efforts. 

Shopping, Errands

We realize the freedom experienced by seniors when they are provided with the opportunity to visit their stylists, nail salon, shop for groceries among others. This is why our caregivers can be counted upon to accompany seniors who are unable to independently carry out these activities. The patient and nurturing countenance of our caregivers contributes to pleasant experiences that often leaves seniors satisfied.

Medication Reminders

Taking prescribed medication in a timely manner contributes to the overall health of seniors. Despite this advantage, some seniors experience difficulties remembering the dosage and periods at which their medication ought to be taken. Although our caregivers are not authorized to administer medication, they can be relied upon to gently remind seniors to take their medications in a timely fashion. Furthermore, they can be counted on to carry out minor tasks such as reading the labels of prescribed medication and opening the lids of medication containers for seniors.  


Mobility Assistance

We provide mobility services with the goal of helping seniors maintain active lifestyles. The services we provide are tailored to the health and fitness levels of seniors requesting this service. Our caregivers assist seniors with keeping track of their goals by reminding them to execute prescribed exercises while championing their efforts. For instance, in cases that require the incorporation of short daily walks by seniors, our caregivers accompany seniors along recommended routes.

We offer both full time service and temporary service. Please find our schedule below:

 Full-Time Service:

  • 12 hr Live - in shift
  • 24 hr Live – in shift

Temporary Service:

  • 30 mins – 8 hrs

The next step in getting started with us is to either give us a call or fill out our form. One of our skilled Coordinators will respond by discussing your needs, answering questions and scheduling an appointment. We can be reached at (301) - 605 - 2924.

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Call Us: 301-605- 4411

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